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Blog-post - 4 months old causes rioting in India- 100 businesses burnt to the ground

Very interesting that a blog post, four-months old mind you! was the cause of major riots in India. A blog identifying probable culprits in the downing of a small aircraft, killing a beloved politician ...
 link to www.business-standard.com

Business Standard excerpt: Irate mobs attacked Reliance outlets on Thursday night following a report by a Telugu television channel. According to the report by channel TV5, an article on a Russian website, exiledonline.com, had speculated that there could be a conspiracy behind the sudden death of former chief minister, YS Rajasekhara Reddy. The article alleged involvement of the Ambani brothers in the helicopter crash that claimed Reddy's life on September 2 last year.

The unsubstantiated report, which was apparently uploaded just a day after the crash, had been picked up by two other television channels too. Agitated people then hit the streets and attacked Reliance outlets in the state late Thursday night.

 link to exiledonline.com

Mark Ames excerpts: A blog entry I posted a few months back on Larry Summers' evil Indian billionaire sponsor, Mukesh Ambani, became a major TV sensation in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh yesterday, sparking mass riots against the oligarchs' business interests. Mobs "went on the rampage in Guntur, Anantapur and Kurnool districts and Hyderabad city, where they attacked retail outlets and malls, cell phone towers and petrol stations operated by the two Reliance groups," according to one report. "They burnt effigies of Mukesh and Anil Ambani."

... This has to be the single weirdest episode in my journalism career-and that's saying a lot, [apparently] I caused a mass riot in India, leaving 185 people arrested so far, and about 100 business owned by Larry Summers' oligarch-friends smoldering in ruins.

... The blog entry in question speculated on the mysterious death of a popular Indian politician who'd crossed the Ambani brothers, and the strange coincidence between the populist politicians' helicopter death not long after he demanded that the billionaires give up some of their ill-begotten oil riches to the state's 76 million citizens... and the double-strangeness that in the heat of the savage feud between the two Ambanis, one of them was nearly killed in a helicopter sabotage. Larry Summers, who runs America's economy for President Obama, was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the richer of the two Ambani brothers to serve on an advisory board-Larry chose to side with the richer, scarier brother over the other brother whose helicopter was nearly downed.