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Save the Muddy Waters comminuty house coffeshop fundrasier! Now open 24/7 this week only!

Muddy Waters community house, coffee shop and music venue on 29th and Belmont, is now open 24/7 for this week only! This is THE only all night coffee shop and party place in Portland right now! Why go home early when everywhere else closes early? Come party with us in Portland's longest nonstop party ever and fundraiser and help save us from being kicked out
Here are some events planned so far, and there are sure to be more to come this week, so stop by anytime and have a blast!

friday - surprise party @ 7pm 21+
saturday - pancake feed! 11am $3
live music all day all ages til 6
7pm Colour, Loaded for Bear, & Kelli Schaefer 21+ $4
live radio show all day
sunday - 1/10 B.U.R.N. radio show 5pm
portland tree co/ mother mackenzie 7pm $3 21+
date a barista/art auction 8pm

The home base of our community, workspace, and artistic inland activities like shows and poetry readings, MUDDY WATERSCOMMUNITY HOUSE, is going to be SHUT DOWN by the end of this week if 10,000 dollars is not raised to pay bills. Muddy Waters' focus is creating stronger, healthier people through an atmosphere of creativity, compassion, and contagious better good. We are an employee-owned organization which is transcending its former role in the business sector in order to actively serve and build our neighborhood and community of southeast Portland, Oregon. A lot of people will be on the streets provided this goal is NOT met, for they have put their livelihood on the line for this place, and as some may know, an extremely beautiful venue has just been finished in the back of the cafe to provide an extremely warm and aesthetic atmosphere for events, shows, and community gatherings like writing workshops through Write Around Portland, to people with low-income or who are otherwise not able to afford a quality writing learning experience. For the people that read this that are in the area, ANY help, especially money, would be appreciated. To those of you not in the area, please follow the links below to donate to the cause.

Visit www.muddywatersportland.com and www.muddywaterscollective.blogspot.com for more info

homepage: homepage: http://www.muddywatersportland.com
phone: phone: 503-233-1923
address: address: east 29th and belmont

Updated events 07.Jan.2010 18:23


We will also be providing these wonderful, exciting brand new items and services at this sundays auction too!

$2 beers!
piano lessions
cooking lessons
romantic dinner
bike tuneup @ convenient cycle
1 hour professional photo shoot
paintings from various local artists
2-3 hours moving help
2 hours landscaping
violin lessons
acoustic guitar
2 $25 gift certificates to Title Waveused books
3 hours babysitting from jeanna
1 hour yoga/massage
90 min eco friendly home cleaning
basket of bath oils/minerals from essential oils on hawthorne
cupcake of the month for 3 months