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OR; FERC Lacks Oversight on LNG, Ignored Risks of CSZ!

The latest from the "NO on LNG" campaign from Oregon, Senator Wyden appears at town hall meetings, asked by public to pressure FERC to prove an actual need for an LNG facility and trans-state pipeline that justifies eminant domain seizure of resident's property. Includes commentary on Cascadian Subduction Zone spawned tsunami risks to LNG tankers and how local, state and federal officials may be trying to put al Queda out of business by killing more Americans than al Queda can by allowing the highly explosive LNG facility to be built without consulting seismologists about the risks of CSZ tsunamis.
Senator Wyden Town Halls in Southern Oregon below:

It would be useful to have a few people at these Town Halls to remind Senator Wyden that additional Congressional pressure on FERC to realistically evaluate the need for LNG would help. While the 2005 Energy Policy Act did take powers away from the state and needs to be changed (as Wyden has helpfully proposed), it did not mandate
that FERC take a "Leave it to the private sector" approach. That was a policy decision FERC made under its previous chairman. With a little support from Congress, new FERC chairman Wellinghof might be able to get his fellow commissioners to agree to take an active role in determining whether the power of condemnation extraordinarily granted to "private" pipeline companies is being used appropriately. At the very least, FERC should be providing enough oversight of the pipeline companies to ensure that there is a legitimate need which justifies condemnation of private property.

Wednesday, January 6th:

Lake County Town Hall Meeting
Time: 11:45 a.m. (Doors open one hour early)
Location: Daly Middle School
220 South H Street

Klamath County Town Hall Meeting
Time: 4:30 p.m. (Doors open one hour early)
Location: Klamath Community College Commons area
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls

Thursday, January 7th

Jackson County Town Hall Meeting
Time: 10:30 a.m. (Doors open one hour early)
Location: Ashland High School (new gymnasium)
201 S. Mountain Avenue

Douglas County Town Hall Meeting
Time: 4:30 p.m. (Doors open one hour early)
Location: Roseburg High School, Rose Theatre
400 W. Harvard Avenue

BTW - This doesn't relate directly to FERC, though for safety's sake, an even slightly ethical seismologist needs to testify about the Cascadian Subduction Zone (CSZ) spawned tsunamis, that the time window between initial quake and resulting tidal wave is LESS THAN one HALF hour, just enough time for the tanker transporting the supercooled and highly explosive LNG far out to sea out of harm's way, correct??

This isn't rocket science here, the CSZ has indeed shifted suddenly in the past, and this was discovered by researching the layers of sand and peat in marshes and sediments along the PAC NW regions where the CSZ occurs. The layers of sand indicate a sudden intrusion of ocean water delivering large amounts of sand inland, covering the peat marshes.

WARNING: The following contains morbid humor and should not be read by anyone easily offended. Proceed with caution;

One wonders what the senior members of al Queda talk about in their caves when amongst themselves. Maybe plans for future underwear bombers, or some other novel airline hijacking events. What will be next? Small crack sized vials of weapons grade anthrax brought onboard by anyone with or without underwear? No worries about metal detection when the weapon of choice is biological, eh? That would result in all passengers needing to be strip searched and cavity searched prior to boarding!

Certainly we would expect the senior terrorists to be aware of potentially explosive sites in the U.S. like nuclear facilities, and it follows that LNG facilities with their highly explosive supercooled cargo would not go without notice.

However, Mother Nature herself may very well beat ye ol' men of al Queda to the punch when it comes to the LNG facility planned for Coos Bay, OR. Being that we are a few hundred years overdue for another CSZ quake, the ol' boys from al Queda may wish to expend their deviant brilliance elsewhere at other targets, allowing the foolish arrogance of U.S. developers to once again place people in far greater danger than Osama B.L. himself could ever hope for in his wet dreams (we assume masturbation is against his religion?) by placing this facility in such a high risk seismically active location.

Certainly there will be significant damage to the Coos Bay/North Bend harbor region no matter what following a CSZ quake and tsunami, though the additional damage from a exploding LNG tanker being swept into the harbor towards the bridge by a tsunami would be far worse. We can only imagine the senior al Queda members eventually getting word of this in their cave retreats. They would likely laugh themselves to tears at the folly of our elected officials, and maybe feel a little sad that they are becoming obselete.

"All we al Queda commanders can do is train to send an underwear bomber to visit Detroit while the infidel's own government will be killing so many more American infidels with their LNG plants built on seismic faults than we can with our best trained underwear bombers! Not to mention the bomb in the underwear wasn't wired correctly! If only he studied more chemistry while he was in that fancy school for infidels!"

Al Z-Q;
"Tell me about it! We in al Queda are being put to shame by these murderous infidels in U.S. government regulatory agenices like FERC and the EPA who by doing absolutely nothing can sacrifice their own people's lives for corporate profit! What is a poor terrorist leader to do when the very government of the people we are trying to kill is doing a better job at it than we are? We may as well retire!!"

"Just don't say anything about the CSZ and tidal waves. So far only a few of the more vigilant infidels have picked up on this, and everyone else seems to be ignoring their warnings. Guess we just have to let the infidels dig their own graves without any of our help. There's just not enough underwear available for us to even come close!"

Al Z-Q;
(sighs) "Yes Osama, you are correct, we don't need to do anything here but wait for the eventual tidal wave. You know, i just feel so useless!!"

Nobody likes to be laughed at, though making foolish choices that place many people in grave danger seems to be par for the course for our official decision makers from the local to the federal level. We may indeed be allowing our elected officials to do al Queda's job far better than they could have imagined.

Maybe this is a slight exaggeration, though consider the reality of tsunami and then add to that a tanker carrying LNG that could be near or far from harbor whenever the quake strikes. This really is a "Do you feel lucky?" scenario, we need to ask where the tanker would end up going if it were caught by the wave? Would the wave carry it towards shore (if so, which one?), towards the bridge or out to sea? Would the water put out the fire from the explosion or would it first make landfall before exploding? Would the exploding tanker only damage itself and harbor infrastructure, or would it end up taking human lives during the CSZ tsunami event? How many people are in harm's way of an exploding LNG tanker riding the CSZ wave inland?

These are all questions that need to be answered prior to approval of this risky LNG project!!

If the answers are not known, then it shouldn't be built!!