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Japanese Whalers Sink the Ady Gil

The Sea Shepherds' stealth ship, the Ady Gil, was just sunk by Japanese whalers in the Antarctic ocean. The Ady Gil was idling near Commonwealth Bay,south of Hobart, when it was suddenly approached and intentionally rammed by the vessel Shonan Maru. This vessel had been accompanying the whaler Nisshin Maru, deployed to prevent the Sea Shepherds from interfering with the killing of whales. The Ady Gil was cut in half, and sunk into the ocean. Thankfully, all hands were rescued from the sea.
Unveiled only three months ago, the Ady Gil was one of the fastest boats on earth and was expected to be a tremendous help in the fight to defend the whales from the Japanese fleet. This crazy looking trimaran had previously been known as the Earthrace, and had set the world record for global circumnavigation. (See  http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/news-091020-1.html for the unveiling.)

The Japanese were anxious about this ship, and about the Sea Shepherds' growing support for their mission to end the killing of whales. Determined to remove this threat, they targeted the Ady Gil relentlessly. They fired water cannons at it, and while it was in a blinding deluge of water, they rammed over the top of it in the Shonan Maru. Here's some dramatic video footage of the event:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbuq0YEIPNU.

Activists on board the boat had put up a good fight before the assault. They had stayed with Nisshan Maru, intercepting the fleet's chaser boats, and allegedly attempting to entangle the props of the Nisshan Maru. The Japanese whalers are claiming that the Ady Gil had shined some sort of laser device at the crew, and had fired some kind of projectile at them as well.

The Sea Shepherds vow to fight on, with Paul Watson stating that this incident "seriously escalates the whole situation."


The Japanese government has been supporting the whalers, who have expressed the intent to kill 985 whales this year. They call this "cetacean research." However, the scientific community has roundly condemned the disingenuous characterization of these killings as "research." There is no research being conducted, rather they are killing these whales through a loophole in an agreement that calls for an end to whaling except for that done for the purpose of ...research.

Meanwhile, the whales have not been consulted as to their opinion on the matter. However, it is widely speculated that they want to live, and do not want to be harpooned to death and dragged off to a factory in Japan.

What you can do 06.Jan.2010 13:43

Animal Defense Media

If you would like to know how you can help in the struggle to defend the whales, WAR has issued the following advice:


You can do your part to help Sea Shepherd defend the whales. Now more than ever, Give generously to Sea Shepherd:


Let's make sure the Japanese Embassy and their Consulate offices come in to voice mail and e-mail messages this morning. Contact the Embassy of Japan and their New York City Consulate Office asking them to stop attempting to kill whales and to stop trying to murder our activist friends:

Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki
Embassy of Japan in the USA
2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
Phone: or 6900
Fax: 202.328.2187
e-mail:  jicc@embjapan.org

Ambassador Shinichi Nishimiya
Japanese Consulate General
299 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10171
Phone: 1.212.371.8222
Fax: 1.212. 371.1294
e-mail:  inquiry@ny.cgj.org

If you do not live in the United States, go to the following link to find your closest Embassy or Consulate office:


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact:  centcom@war-online.org

Thank You Sea Shepard 09.Jan.2010 09:53

Blue Whale

Thank you, to the crew of the Sea Shepard, and all who support their very noble efforts to stop the illegal slaughter of majestic sea mammals--Thank you for putting your lives in the fore front and staying the course against illegal acts of murder--even though it is costly and dangerous--thank you
and may the wind and waves keep you safe and may the power of love triumph over the price of blubber.
I wish humans used more of their brains and were keen enough to listen to their hearts... PEACE, LOVE AND LIGHT SURROUND THE SEA SHEPARD....