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now is the time to care

muddy waters community adrenaline week!!! SOS!!
>now is the time to care.-forward to all you know
>Causes - Fundraiser
>Start Time:
>Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 12:00pm
>End Time:
>Monday, January 11, 2010 at 12:00am
>muddy waters communityhouse
>This is a notice to let you know that Muddy Waters Community House is
>going to be shut down at the end of the week unless 10,000 dollars is
>raised to pay the bills. We are a non-profit, pro-community
>organization that has been caught in the wrath of the recession. Our
>focus has always been toward creating stronger, healthier people
>through an atmosphere of creativity, compassion, and contagious better
>good. We are an employee owned orginization which is transcending its
>former role in the business sector in order to actively serve and
>build our nieghborhood and community of southeast Portland, Oregon.We
>have had 2 Thanksgiving events feeding accumulatively 250+ people, we
>have had 2 fund raisers for a local homeless service obtaining $800
>towards health provisions for the less fortunate of the city. The four
>owners have forfeited wages in order to insure our endeavors. We
>transformed the business from a coffee shop to a community. We have
>hosted a screening for Invisible Children, in order to bring awareness
>to Americans of what we can do about the children in Uganda. Every
>week we provide 30 gallons of coffee to the wonderful people that live
>outside in our city. Daily, there are 30+ people that call our shop
>their home. We support their art, feed their bodies, provide a stage
>for their music, listen to their stories, validate their purpose, and
>give them friendship.
>Alot of people will be on the streets provided this does NOT happen,
>for they have put their livelihood on the line for this place, and as
>some may know, an extremely beautiful venue has just been finished in
>the back of the cafe to provide an extremely warm and aesthetic
>atmosphere for events, shows, and community gatherings like writing
>workshops that I will be facilitating through Write Around Portland to
>people with low-income or are otherwise not able to afford a quality
>writing workshop. ANY help would be appreciated. Also, I understand
>this is a very short notice but if you could do ANYTHING to help us
>with getting the word out, announcing, blogging, whatever, would be so
>much appreciated.
>Every night until Sunday starting tomorrow we are going to be holding
>events to help raise funds to save the venue from shutdown, starting
>at 5pm until closing at 10pm. This will include art shows, music and
>spoken word performances, and potlucks put on by the owners and
>supporters in the community. Tomorrow at noon we will be holding a
>community meeting at the cafe (SE 29th and Belmont) to finalize the
>aspiring solutions to keep this wonderful place afloat. Please join.
>Thankyou so much for reading this and for whatever future support you
>may provide.
>any online donations can be made via paypal to  NWorden08@yahoo.com

homepage: homepage: http://muddywatersportland.com