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Copenhagen more proof we need to overthrow capitalism

Environmentalists the government spat on the idea of institutional green energy revolution. Its time for us to join those fighting capitalism and the state if we are ever going to save this planet.
The failures at Copenhagen prove that the problems of global warming will never be adequately addressed under this capitalist system or the hegemony of US global dominance. The Obama administrations true dedication to the coal lobby and oil regime show that he is just another corporate puppet like the last. Science shows that we needed to reduce emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2020. His administrations blackmail offer of billions to poor nations to accept a inadequate climate treaty is like paying off a witness to murder for silence. The actions during Copenhagen are disgraceful and wreak of arrogance of the corrupt. With a guarantee of inaction until at lease 2012, our chances of ever stopping the slide into a climate meltdown are ,well lets face it, unlikely. Environmentalists its time to denounce capitalism or waist your time!