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The Avatar Manifesto

The manifesto below was written in response to the millions who will see the movie "Avatar" and cheer for insurgents defending their homes, yet go home and support war, occupation, "development" and gentrification by their votes,their actions, and their shopping afterwards

" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnqi2LfMKTU
Our world is dying. With the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, it has become clear that multinational corporations and the governments they control have no intention of releasing their grip, and nothing will be done to stop catastrophic climate change so long as they are in power.

Our world is under occupation-from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Central America to the cities of the United States, those who worship at the altar of money take what they want and try to kill anyone who stands in their way. After 500 years of slaughter, their greed has begun to feed on itself.

One choice stands before us-do we submit to being expelled from our communities in the name of development, or do we fight back? Do we stand with those who bomb and slaughter so they can drill and mine - or do we stand with those who dare to resist?

If there is to be anything left for our grandchildren, there's no time to waste! Corporate controlled governments would rather take our homes by eminent domain than save our environment. Either we must bury them-or they shall surely bury us! Join us-and fight for your children, fight for our Earth, and all of our creatures!