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Florida Schools Awarded for Human Rights Advocacy

Following the tragedies of World War II, a solution was needed to prevent such horrors from occurring again.
The United Nations is dedicating a year to young people by proclaiming 2010 the "International Year of Youth", commencing on 12 August, United Nations International Youth Day. Youth for Human Rights Florida and some Florida schools are a step ahead of the game, as in human rights education and volunteering for advocacy of human rights is already a part of each student's education throughout the year and ended the 2009 year by supporting United Nations Human Rights Day by joining the "International Walk for Human Rights".

"Youth for Human Rights Florida Awards" were given to Delphi Academy Florida, Clearwater Academy International and Washburn Academy as these schools not only give their students a great education, but the students incorporate what they learn in a classroom into the world as each are actively involved in volunteer activities throughout the year, supporting human rights education and issues.

Delphi Academy of Florida was awarded the YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD - HUMAN RIGHT #26 - THE RIGHT TO EDUCATION. The Delphi program is designed to stretch the student, both in and out of the classroom, yet at the same time appeal to and strengthen his natural thirst for knowledge. It is this understanding of the child's thirst for knowledge, this innate desire to understand and challenge the world around one, that is embedded in the Delphi program every step of the way.
Clearwater Academy International was awarded the YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD - HUMAN RIGHT # 24 THE RIGHT TO PLAY. Clearwater Academy International delivers a dynamic combination of education involving the spirit of play. In addition to studying their schoolwork plus volunteering many hours helping others as part of the community; the students had the utmost spirit of play in an undefeated season and 6A Football State Championship.
Washburn Academy was awarded with HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD - HUMAN RIGHT #29 RESPONSIBILITY for taking responsibility to improve our community and bring human rights closer to becoming a reality. Washburn Academy is a school that excels when it comes to time to helping others, as the school has a strong emphasis on being active members of the society by volunteering and getting involved in their community. In one month alone students volunteered promoting peace on International Day of Non-Violence, cleaned up parks so that children can have a safe place to play, and walked for the poor in Africa and Asia.
Following the tragedies of World War II, a solution was needed to prevent such horrors from occurring again. On December 10, 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt led the General Assembly of the United Nations in constructing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a list of 30 rights that apply to everyone, everywhere. The General Assembly of the United Nations called upon the member nations "to cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction based on the political status of countries or territories. "Yet", Dustin McGahee, President of Youth for Human Rights Florida said, "61 years later, these rights are still not required teachings in most schools around the world. Most youth, and people of all ages, still don't know their 30 Human Rights. " According to McGahee, he is inspired to action by the words of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, "Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream."

Youth for Human Rights Florida is a chapter of Youth for Human Rights International, a non-profit, secular organization founded by educator Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, that educates about the United Nations Universal Declaration for Human Rights, both in and out of the classroom. For more information on Youth for Human Rights and free DVD downloads on the 30 human rights go: www.youthforhumanrights.org