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Plane "Bomber" Was Escorted Aboard by Official as 'Sudanese Refugee-Detroit Lawyer Says

An American lawyer from Detroit who was on that flight says "Terrorist" was alowed aboard after big hassle with plane's crew- MSM will not even listen to him. More evidence of a false-flag propaganda operation by the Obama Administration to prop up the false "War on Terror"
Obomber lying to us about the
Obomber lying to us about the "Underwear Bomber".The Bush Legacy Continues
Just look at those holiday crowds. Jostling and freaking out as massive new security measures are put into efect in the aftermath of the latest "terror" attack on a U.S. plane. As the world wonders how this guy got around the inpenetrable gauntlent of global airport security measures, there is one story which should be front page news but isn't. A Detroit lawyer named Kurt Haskell has dropped a proverbial bombshell that is only being reported on the web for now. He saw the "bomber" being escorted onto the plane by a "Well dressed INDIAN man". Arguments ensued at the boarding gate because the 'bomber' had no passport or visa. The obvious government official argued that the subject was a "Sudanese Refugee" and that "WE do this all the time". After more consultations with the crew, he was allowed to board the aircraft in Amsterdam. Haskell also says an "Indian looking" man was dragged off the passenger staging area after the landing after a bomb-sniffing dog indicated his suitcase might contain explosives! He was led away "in handcuffs". He also claims the FBI were all over his story, trying all sorts of sneaky ways to "impeach my story" says Haskell. Haskell's story has been covered by The London Independent and Prisonplanet.com but that's about it. Watching Obama shift and squirm and stutter as he gallantly tries to defend the continuation of 911 lies and subterfuge is a lesson in History repeating itself. And what an operation it all is too. So-called "Al Qaeda in Yemen" takes all the credit, even for the dud firecracker. They revel in that the bomber "penetrated the greatest security systems on the planet". Sure he did. All by his little college-boy self. With no passport, visa, luggage, and he paid CASH for all his 'tickets'. If these in sum are not the hallmarks of an inside intelligence operation then NOTHING is. And here's the proof, and Haskell is one of US, an American for crying out loud. He cannot get a hearing by the media in his OWN country, and his story will probably fade away, Hopefully not on this site.

Really? 29.Dec.2009 23:17


I read the "bomber" had a visa that went through mid 2010. So what kind of account is this, really?