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Video: Tell Norstrom To Stop Selling Fur

Interview with Matt Rossell of In Defense of Animals as he and others were handing out leaflets in front of the Portland Oregon Nordstrom store. This leafleting was part of an ongoing national campaign to educate customers about the real facts of the fur industry.

Tell Norstrom To Stop Selling Fur
Though Nordstrom has given up their fur salons and removed fur from their private lines, they still sell fur and fur trim from designers that they carry in their store. Blake Nordstrom, the CEO of the company states that his customers demand it. Responding to this, In Defense of Animals stages a presence at their stores, educating customers about some facts that they may not know about this industry.

According to Matt, and the In Defense of Animals literature, "on a fur farm, life in a tiny cage leads animals to go mad from confinement where they frantically pace, often self mutilating or cannibalizing cages mates. Every natural instinct, such as the ability to run, swim,, and interact socially is denied these beautiful wild animals. In the end they are killed by cruel slaughter methods, including gassing, anal electrocution, neck breaking and poisoning."
"Animals caught in the steel-jawed traps and snares can linger on pain for days before a trapper comes to kill them; some will even chew off limbs to escape."

This literature being handed out goes on to request that Nordstrom customers "politely tell a manager that you would like to see them end the sale of fur." And further, "that they contact Nordstrom corporate headquarters with a courteous message asking them to stop carrying all fur items."

Nordstom Corporate Offices
President Blake Nordstrom
1700 Seventh Avenue, Suite 300
Seattle WA. 98101

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