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Poetic Terrorism and Liberation

Mastery of Confusion Inclusion
Outrage at the age I am
Out of a living wage for a growing age
None the less complexly extraordinary
Secret terrorism
The walls with no windows
Collapsing phantoms hiding
Masks and gloves
Paper and plastic

Because debauchery has a home
In the classrooms of Universities
Brutality for vain naked ugliness
Unethical clumsiness kills friends

Animal Liberation runs around
Radical principles renowned
Saviors for the innocent
Saving enmity for a black hole
Couriers of compassion's action
Inaction and misery lie in balance

Sky is boundless like "our" nature
Earth manifest, opulence or lesson
Nothing the matter with everyone
Sealing that door-to-out-of-doors
Embrace heart over ego on Love

Nothing in therapeutic renunciation
Marvel with a sound consciousness
Entertain your tender brain blossom
Tenderly perfect the Chaos Engine

Lung and tongue for the grievance
Understanding in genuine sadness
Painstakingly examine existence
Painstakingly analyze purpose
Allow yourself to give a shit

Document senseless argument
Only liberations are motivation
Overstand capitulation always
Results derived from reason
Sanctify the shadowy motion