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Hipster Threat Revisited

I just took a peak at the brain behind the hipster movement, Vice Magazine. This magazine has a special section entitled, "Do's" and "Don'ts." Vice Magazine is basically coming out and telling readers, Hipsters to not think about the war and makes statements like "American Culture gets so shit on and blamed for and yelled at and griped about you have no idea how nice it is to see someone who just wants to be its friend. "
This Hipster movement has stirred a bad gut feeling in me for a long time now. It was more than moustaches, touting cocaine use, corporate product centeredness or their cliques. There was just a bad feeling I had, and when I try to account for the lack of public outrage at the state of things, the first thing I ask is 'where is the youth?" The youth is reading vice and turning into something more evil and souless than preppies in the 1980's.

The exclusivity and elitist crap in it seems to becoming from its creator and mind, Vice Magazine. Adbuster's article on Hipsters tells of how Vice originates most hipster ideas. They aren't too fucking subtle about it.

Adbusters;  https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/79/hipster.html

I reposted and wrote about the issue of Hipsters a month ago. I had no idea at the time how true it was. In the Adbusters article dissecting the phenomenon of Hipster had corporate impetus behind it and its goal was to steal or trappings and symbols and sell them back to us. This form they sell back to people is laced with a serious dose of apathy, cliquishness, negativity and stupidity to stop youth (and the old) from being a threat.

Article:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/10/395068.shtml

Vice Magazine is mentioned in the Adbusters article as being the mind behind most of the Hipster movement, along with American Apparel. Many people are getting aggravated with Hipsters. Even that article doesn't show how serious it is. I checked out Vice Magazine and am left stunned from the bullshit there. So much of it seems to be against all that is good like thinking, activism and even our subcultures.

Vice goes as far as telling people literally what to do and not do. That has never been done by any magazine I've read. There is a "Do" and "Don't" section which seems to make up the bulk of Vice's content. Pages like this:

Vice magazine tells you do this:
Vice mag's caption with the photo for on their "do" list:
"American Culture gets so shit on and blamed for and yelled at and griped about you have no idea how nice it is to see someone who just wants to be its friend. "

Not thinking about how bad the war is: according to Vice, cool :
Vice mag's caption:
"American Culture gets so shit on and blamed for and yelled at and griped about you have no idea how nice it is to see someone who just wants to be its friend. "

Skin heads are okay with Vice for some reason. No mention of ARA affiation.
The Caption:
"Something about the combination of muscular skinhead thug and delicately flavored rabbit tagliatelle in a beautiful back garden in Rome is making me ask myself that age-old question again: Am I a fag?"

Vice magazine tells you to hate hippies:
"One of the easiest ways to distract people from the fact that you're an aging trance aficionado who won't shut up about the Thai full moon party you went to 15 years ago is to make your face look like a gnome scrotum."

Vice tells us to hate punks too:

Vice says Goths suck too:

Umm, since when are lightly dyed dread locks are a sin? She looks like one of us.
Caption with it:
"I bet she dyes her bush green. Wait, you know what? Actually, I bet her bush is green without even dyeing it."

Are these fixie boys for green transit with shit like this?

Tweakers are okay with the editor of Vice too:
"We love these East Village tweakers who broadcast public-access TV shows from their mother's living room in Alphabet City. They are the real New York, and the neighborhood would suck without them. Never go away, Crimson Bernie!"

But being a early teenage alcoholic is okay!?

Sorry for the acrimony but there is so much of Vice's attitude is contagious and I find I emulate their stupid writing style!!

So this is our instruction on things we literally should not do according to Vice? And this is the alternative?-
This page has a few hipsters giving the Hitler gesture. Seriously you've gotta ask if this is some fucked up form of social engineering. Literally there are pages and pages of instructions on how to behave from Vice Magazine. The Dos and Don'ts page goes on ad infinitim.

Is corporate culture using alternative culture attributes to trojan horse in both apathy, cocaine use, divisiveness, and whatever else to make the youth compliant and insecure just like how crack was said to be brought to the inner city to quell African Americans' ability to organize and get out of poverty? That may seem a strong statement to make but I have no idea what to think of this shit. Especially when they tell Hipsters to hate and look down at people who look like people at the WTO protest?

That may explain why some people have taken the same action taken against banks against the corporations sellling the hipster culture:
 link to anonymouse.org