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VIDEO: Torture Protest - Interview with The Lone Vet

An interview with The Lone Vet outside the Ninth Circuit Court. He describes what the protest is and talks a bit about the spirit of doing goodwill to all men and peace on earth.
Reward Poster
Reward Poster
On 12.17.09 I stopped at the weekly protest for the arrest or Impeachment for Judge ByBee.
This vigil is held in Portland in front of the federal court where ByBee is one of the judges who sits on the Ninth Court of Appeals.

Judge ByBee thinks torture and pain inflicting abuses done to prisoners in US custody is fine. So each week at noon a handful of individuals for justice stand in public, in front of a court he sits on, to bring attention to the Torture memo writing Judge. The group is also sponsoring a 3,000 dollar reward for the arrest of this judge, paid for in pledged donations.

In this video clip the Lone Vet explains what the protest is and why there is a group standing in public demanding accountability, the reward for ByBee's arrest and more.

This ongoing protest (outside of the ninth circuit courthouse) continues with a slight 2 week break for the holidays.



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