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END:CIV Fundraiser w/ Franklin Lopez, Ward Churchill, Derrick Jensen, John Zerzan, + more

December 27th brings us an amazing event, live, at Muddy Waters Collective Cafe. Ward Churchill, Derrick Jensen, John Zerzan, David Rovics, Franklin loppez, Seth Martin, Medicine For The People and more will be sharing the evening on stage at the cafe on Belmont and 27th for the cause of raising funds to finish the filming of END:CIV, an important and radical film by Submedia.
COme on down as B.U.R.N. welcomes all these awesome guests to share the cause of raising funds for this film. 6:00 PM start time, at Muddy Waters. Sunday the 27th of December!

homepage: homepage: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/RABBLE
phone: phone: 503 853 9603
address: address: 27th and Belmont

just to be sure- 26.Dec.2009 00:07


The people listed above will be at this event in person?

report back 28.Dec.2009 16:37

Fleeta Drumgo

I was in attendence for most of this, and would like to throw out some FEED BACK positive and maybe not so much, but for the awesome purpose of building a safer and stronger community, which I know this event was there to PROMOTE. First off I was a bit late and did not get all the first radio guest but what I heard of indegeious struggle and direct action was INSPIRING. Zerzan WAS there and he was great as was the energy of this whole event not to mention the MEGA large turn out. I felt great about the coming together and sharing revolutionary ideas and putting republicrat liberals in the corporate new fuedalist light it should be seen in, LIBERALS help only them selves and they sanction genocide of the planet AND people of color, They were DUPPED into the token- and the racist war mongers used racism again to get them to shut up be smug again and buy SUV's. That's mostly me- but as stated Zerzan was empowering, as was the callers even Churchill was AWESOME, he seemed a little cranky and I felt that gave him way more inspiration and FIRE, lots of good discussions and networking inside and out of the little muddy waters cafe. My only issue was the two radio guys said they were comedians, and that it was for that reason that they could make age-ist comments since the old and young were easy targets, constructive CRIT yo that shit bugged me, they giggled and said "the old and babies smell". Ha ha were only joking1 I did not dig this so much since it lends itself to the OBVIOUS yuk age-ist CRAP THAT IT IS and lets them think thats what comedy is and otherwise they would be hurting for material. Makin a joke at Zezan IS MAYBE OK he's right there and can talk but all old people and kids ha everyone thinks thats funny and it's of course NOT NOR IS IT just a world for straight white beard boys, other folks have other baggage and sensitive-ities. And there is so much stuff to make jokes about come on. Also he was used the word B**** to talk about bein exited about direct action. And just again thats not funny, lets get past that shit. It's a DAMN equal sign from that to the N word to the F word..... all that! and I DID see other s cringe, everyone wants to feel empowered so maybe drop that shit. The 2 guys DID handle the crowd and logistics VERY well, AND AGAIN I would luv to see more of these events and more coming together and LESS infighting, yet I know we can agree on some inclusive ground rules.