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How to Get 1000 Homeless People in Off the Streets of Portland Oregon Right Now for Cheap!

The Portland Scrooge commission must read this, it only takes one signature or maybe several, to get possibly hundreds or even potentially 1000+ homeless people in off the streets right now this week. Read the article to find out how simple, quick, and do-able this could be.
A Portland Victorian Industrial Revolution Christmas Carol....
IT'S SO SIMPLE. one way to get hundreds or thousands of homeless/ near homeless men, women and youth housed right now, with the stroke of a pen:

REVISE the Housing Authority of Portland regulations so that anyone on Section 8 or Public Housing can allow their immediate family to come and stay/ live with them if the homeless person is currently below poverty level, etc. Use a reasonable criteria that includes those factors (person to be added is closely related, homeless/ at risk for homelessness, at or below poverty level, etc).
Close relatives such as parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents: children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren; brother, sister.
If you are afraid of "abuses", then for God's sake establish some parameters, instead of shutting down this much needed housing completely!
Currently it appears that a very scroogey change was made that will not allow this. So a 60 year old disabled Mom can't allow her 40 year old unemployable daughter to come live with her in many instances, even if the daughter is homeless and she is direct family. Only under certain circumstances could she come in out of the cold mean streets and NOT create a violation for her Mom. (She would have had to be on the Mom's benefits when Mom first applied for them 5 years ago, in order to be allowed to come live with her mom when needed later).

This fairly recent rule also makes the Mom, for instance, endangered if she allows her adult child to come stay with her to keep her off the streets. Why? because she currently could lose her Housing and end up on the street herself if she lets her daughter stay with her. Talk about emotional abuse. Tear a Mom's heart right out with such a choice. SCROOGES!

BUT WITH THE STROKE OF A PEN, the Housing Authority could restore the lost right of a family member to allow their adult child or other homeless close relative, to live with them in their Housing unit. Doesn't this only seem reasonable and normal? Anything short of it is just plain, senseless and inhumane.

ok Scrooges, Christmas Day is almost here! believe me, Hell will be colder than the streets of Portland for you, if you don't sign such a revision. Because there is a God, He cares a lot about the Least of These, and He is watching. He's meaner than Santa when you're bad. You won't just get a lump of coal. You'll get raked over the hot burning coals, no doubt in public.

I really hope we'll hear you singing a different Christmas Carol, before the winter progresses and the Ghost of Christmas Future gets you; the current one is way too Dickensian. Fitting for Victorian Industrial London, but NOT modern Portland.

God Bless us, every one.

aww i forgot to say.... 22.Dec.2009 22:57

Pearl E Moon

....that you could also possibly control the rent adjustments when you allow the relatives to move in. Or use some kind of special program waiver or special program formula that costs less. For instance, instead of giving Grandma a $100 rent reduction when Junior with no income moves in, restrict the percentage or dollar amount of that adjustment , i mean, to $50 instead of a $100 dollar rent reduction. That is, if you are a lot of dollars short in your program funding, just to make it feasible.
So there will be no reason and no excuse to cut the relatives out of shelter at Grandma's. Bottom line is getting the relatives into safe shelter because that's what decent families do for each other. Most might even NOT care if they didn't get ANY rent reduction as a result of having another family member come and live with them. They might just care for them that much, wouldn't you, if it was your adult child or sister in danger of homelessness?

District 9 23.Dec.2009 02:02

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

The Perfect Metaphor of what dealing with the government and housing is like.


the problem is the HUD program is not being ran well 25.Dec.2009 23:16


I used to be a Section 8 housing choice voucher recipient. (what a joke). They (HUD) don't care about slumlord's, housing not up to code, landlord harrassment problems, crime problems, or other problems. Why would they care about your homeless daughter, son, parent or sibling too? They dont care a whole lot about keeping the people safe using the program as it is.

hud vs pdx hap 26.Dec.2009 01:18

pearl e moon

it was portland housing authority that decided to remove the ability to add a relative, or so i was told. not HUD. Hud gives them a certain amount of leeway. hap portland section 8 does pretty well on some things, they allow you to choose your rent amount up to 70% of income rather than limiting you to 40%, for one thing. allowing you to stay when rent goes up, or get into a nicer place, etc by paying more yourself if you so choose. But they got stingey on this one thing. they should allow the close relatives because there is such a bad homelessness problem, and just restrict certain aspects.

but i guess... 26.Dec.2009 01:25

pearl e moon

you're right about HUD not being run well, and it's not just section 8. things do depend on the individuals running thing. we have had some incompetent and adversarial HUD agents lately, or at least one or 2 i can think of. yes, maybe it is HUD at the federal level, who should make this a part of the entire program, to let the close relatives come in when faced with homelessness.
So maybe we should contact jeff merckley or other senators/ representatives at the federal us congress level as well as the local Portland officials. and send them all a link to this article. or just ask them in your own words to extend this kind of coverage to help alleviate homelessness.

bureaucrats and poverty pimps 29.Dec.2009 10:09

jean moulin

I've never had the dubious privilege of dealing with them, but I've heard enough horror stories to get the sense that Section 8 housing is replete with bureaucrats and poverty pimps who make a career out of ruthlessly exploiting poor people. The way forward out of this mess is for poor and working class people to self-organize. One promising effort in this direction is taking shape here locally, in the form of the Tenants Rights Project, which Lew Church has been very active organizing.

A great synergy exists between issues that affect working class people, like housing and transportation. The most promising approach would be to link these together. For example, when Trimet starts cutting service and raising fares, many poor people are left deciding between paying rent and paying bus fare. The bus fare is more likely to take the cut first, and when you restrict people's mobility, that has all kinds of other vicious effects on their ability to improve their own lot, including getting to work, or getting to the store (or even organizing politically!) That's why it's important to tackle these bread and butter issues together as a whole.


HOW OLD IS THIS BAD POLICY? 03.Jun.2018 19:42


apparently it's older than i thought. it goes back a couple decades maybe. But it was formed because someone abused it and a LOT of thier relatives were brought in to their household and it became a huge family with rent all paid for by the housing authority.

So they cut out ALL adult relatives moving in, no matter if they are old, disabled, homeless, penniless, etc. Instead of just limiting who can move in and under what circumstances.
ok, i guess that strained the budget. BUT housing the destitute is much less expensive than the costs of paying for homeless services on a chronic basis, emergency room trips for exposure related and crime victim problems of homeless, and housing homeless separately is MUCH more expensive.
It has been shown that housing the homeless saves a city money vs just letting them get so neglected and damaged by the street living experience.
But the main thing is, it saves lives to house them. Anything less seems quite cold blooded and criminal.
This housing authority is NOT hurting for money now, last i checked. So they COULD do this. If only the lives of these endangered homeless people mattered to the ones making policies!