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AntiFascist Hackers Release Info from 11 Neo-Nazi Message Boards

In a massive blow to fascist organizing, hackers are in the process of formatting data taken from 11 neo-Nazi message boards, including private messages, email addresses, and passwords. Neo-Nazi's ability to propagandize and recruit is always hindered when examined with a critical lens, because their ideological arguments simply do not stand up on their own. Continuing efforts made by antifascist hackers and other organizers to shine light on the rhetoric and tactics of neo-Nazis is denying them access to an underground in which to grow, and is an important step towards dismantling their ability to do harm in our communities.
Antifascist hackers have released information from the websites of the following neo-Nazi groups and projects: Volksfront International--a white power skinhead crew founded in here in Portland, Aryan Front, Blood and Honour, the Creativity Movement, East Coast White Unity, the ENationionalist forum, Final Stand Records, Hammerskin Nation--whose 20th anniversary festival slated to happen in the Willamette Valley in October of 2007 was shut down by the Ad-Hoc Coalition Against Racism and Fascism, NorthEast White Pride, and the White Revolution Forum.

From WikiLeaks:

"we have the internal databases of 11 nazi parties, forums, userlists, private messages, chat messages, etc. these need to be formatted in such a way that your grandmother can read them and google can find them and so they will be future safe. this means doing a join on some of the tables to expand some of the fields and then dumping to text. Dumps should be in something easy to read. character sets should be converted to utf8"


Tech-savvy antifascists are in the process of formatting the data to make it more easily accessible, and WikiLeaks has requested help with this project. For any of you Indymedia readers interested in opposing white supremacist organizing, this would be one great way to help. And if you find any information that might be useful, sharing it with Portland's chapter of the Anti-Racist Action Network (Rose City Antifa) might be a place to start. They have both a voicemail--971.533.7832--and an email address:  fight_them_back@riseup.net

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