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Previously Unpublished Oregon Fur Farm Address Confirmed

Previously Unpublished Oregon Fur Farm Address Confirmed.
Cascade Farms of Oregon
7582 Hunsaker Rd Se
Turner, Oregon
contact: Randy Lucas?
Large mink farm (16+ sheds), two farm houses located just north of sheds.
Filed for renewal of Oregon Department of Agriculture (CAFO) permit fall of 2009. Confirmed open December of 2009.

This information unfortunately did not make it into the newly published document "The Blueprint", which contains an updated list of US fur farms, fur research facilities, and fur equipment/feed suppliers.

Download here:  link to voiceofthevoiceless.org

The fur industry thrives on secrecy and will go to great lengths to keep the addresses of these farms (and the infrastructure which support them) out of the sight of the public. It is our responsibility to expose the physical manifestations of institutionalized animal exploitation and bring them out of the darkness and into light.

'Delivering the final nail'

Fur Farm Intelligence Unit - Oregon

This address will be added to The Blueprint 28.Dec.2009 20:51

Voice of the Voiceless

This is important info that will be added to a revised edition of The Blueprint, to be uploaded this week.

An article on this new info is up now at:

Voice of the Voiceless