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Radical Writer's Guild Gathering

"Walking On Water: Reading, Writing and Revolution" inspired me to share Derrick Jensen's take on education (and seduction).
We'll be reading a couple or few chapters every week The group conscience is going to guide us to new reading selections, through writing exercises, and into unexpected activities never yet to be plotted nor actuated.

My hope is for these gatherings to couple authors and editors, to join friends in exploration of creative expression.

As Derrick describes the role of a teacher "to praise [students] into becoming who they are, But if I see someone misusing power to harm someone else, it's just as much my responsibility to stop them, using whatever means necessary."

Everyone benefits when converging to share (un)common interests and skills, so I hope you'll show up too.

Every Saturday night, even the night after giftmas day (bring that junk from the in-laws you would not ever imagine wanting and let's do a white elephant gift exchange!), at 7pm.

This weekly event will be held at the People's Co-op upstairs in the community room.

If possible bring your own writing materials, if not please still come. Donations to help cover the rent are welcomed.

I hope to see you:{)}

homepage: homepage: http://peoples.coop