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Police Reform Candidate For City Hall

Jason Renaud is the police reform candidate running for Portland City Council, position no. 2. The incumbent is Dan Saltzman.
Jason Renaud is co-founder of the Mental Health Association of Portland, recently described by The Oregonian as the state's "foremost independent advocate for persons with mental illness and addiction." He has been an impartial and uncompromising advocate for the rights and dignity of persons with addiction and mental illness for over fifteen years. As a candidate, Jason Renaud will petition for Portland's Campaign Finance Fund program. Jason Renaud is a foremost critic of Portland's police administration and for the past three years has led a public inquiry about what happened to James Chasse. The results of his activism are dozens of small and large improvements in state, county, city and police bureau procedure, and over 400 news stories that have brought issues of mental illness and police brutality to every person in Portland. Both style and content separate Jason Renaud from two-term incumbent Dan Saltzman. Engaging, dynamic and inventive, Renaud will run an activist campaign powered by the persons he hopes to represent in City Hall. The campaign for Portland City Council position No. 3 will be a test of grassroots community organizing versus carefully cultivated incumbent relationships and corporate fundraising. Jason's campaign web site - www.jasonforportland.com You can help by signing a petition form and making a $5 contribution. Email your name, address and phone number to jasonforportland@gmail.com today. We'll mail you a petition. Petitions must be filed with the state elections division by January 29.

homepage: homepage: http:///www.jasonforportland.com