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Video: John Trudell Speaking About Medical Marijuana

John Trudell was guest speaker at the 2009 Oregon Medical Cannabis Award dinner which took place in Portland Oregon on Saturday, December 12, 2009. This event was organized by the Oregon National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Trudell at the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards
John Trudell spoke about medical marijuana, but also used this issue to address philosophical and poltical themes
"Everything is about energy and I like the energy generated here. I really relate to what you've been doing with the whole concept of Medical Marijuana, from getting it accepted the the way of distribution.......it's not about profiteering, it's about the medicinal need.........I think that if the political and social movements and groups that operate in this country today had the same kind of energetic commitment that medical marijuana people have, many things could change in this country."

"We go back 20 years and this is an impossibility where everything stood, and all the other situations were just as intense for their time and place. But in the passage of 20 years something has been accomplished here, energetically, consciously; you can't say that about any other aspect of the political system."

John goes further and says, "I'd like to see this start to expand and go into the same single minded focus is put on hemp as Earth medicine, medicine for the Earth, under the whole concept of the Green Economy, alternative energy and at some point that energy could be put into the focus of hemp, not cannabis And hemp, but as a parallel energy being put out there.......if there is such a thing as grass roots organizing, you are it"

Trudell asserts that the medical and hemp movement is more than just resisting and protesting, it's about non co operation. "In some type of way, the children of the plant aren't co operating, you're not co operating with the mind set, with the imprinted brainwashing that has been taking place....... all the movements, are co operating with their political and social and economic enemy..... even when they protest, when the build their protest around voting, they are still believing that things can change that way."
"The children of the plant were not going to co operate with the Lie.....Everybody else is co operating with the lie, to however degree they believe in it, whether it was the Obama phenomena, they wanted to believe in that."
BR> John then expands this theme to a larger arena, "Maybe it will reach the point where we don't co operate with the fears that they've implanted in our perception of consciousness; when we don't co operate with their imposed low self esteem.

This video is about 12 minutes in length.

Trudell at the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards

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