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They signed the bill, now I'm a criminal

What do you if you can't afford insurance and now you will be fined?!
It's over. But I have no where to go. Obama got his votes, the insurance companies are smacking their lips, my friends all say 'too bad for you' but they have corporate jobs or Medicare so they are safe. What do I do now, and any of you reading this, if, like me, you work for yourself and don't make enough to buy insurance? I frankly don't want their insurance and have had a very healthy life on a raw vegan diet, so I think I'm saving the system money by not using it. But now I'm doomed - I can not pay for insurance, there is no public option, and the yearly fine for adults is $750. What do we do now?

WTF!! 20.Dec.2009 00:03


What are homeless people or unemployed people supposed to do?