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Homo for the Holidays Circus Benefit Tonight!

Come support Collective of Geniuses queer art collective in getting our Non-Profit status with *Homo for the Holidays* our new hopefully annual show for all those who feel the isolation of the comsumeristic holiday "season", to take place on December 19th from 6-10pm at Switchyard Studios located at 109 SE Salmon St.
CoG's mission is to create art that challenges the notions on which class, gender, privilege, and other social demographics are based. Furthermore, we empower minority artists, especially those who identify as trans, queer and/or womyn, and help them create sustainable economic stability through educational programs and creative opportunities.

Brand NEW Performance by CoG Acrobatics with world debut of Cornelius and guest appearance of Spaceman.

Additional performances include Aerial by Charity McKee, Jack StockLynn, singing by Shaunte Rouse, Burlesque by Sahara Dunes, Hip-hop from The Unreal, and fire-dancing by Nikita.

There will also be raffle prizes and an auction. Prizes include donations from SinnSavvy Productions, New Moon Massage, In Other Words, Pee Zees, Dashing Jack Accessories, Brooklyn Community Acupuncture, She Bop, Rochelle Koivunen, Katie Simpson Spain, Smitty Amabilis, Terra Zarra, Tracy Donghue and more!

Homo for the Holidays is a fundraiser to Collective of Geniuses pay for the costs associated with filing for non-profit status. To make a tax deductible donation go to  http://www.collectiveofgeniuses.org and click on the donate button!

We are still looking for support in making this an amazing event. We especially need volunteers for the event and posting fliers. We are still accepting donations from the community for the raffle, snacks and entertainment. Email Smitty. Thanks!

homepage: homepage: http://www.collectiveofgeniuses.org/