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VIDEO: Single Payer Health Care demonstration 11.14.09 Portland

A small demonstration by Pioneer Square on Nov 14 to encourage "Single Payer Health Care"

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM-jxWISnRU (8 min)
Single Payer Health Care
Single Payer Health Care
A demonstration along the sidewalk by Pioneer Square in Portland for "Single Payer Health Care" which IS NOT to be confused with "Public Option"

or one could say ...

"Nationalized Health Insurance' ...IS NOT to be confused with "Nationalize Health Care"

You can view this wordy discussion at 3:10 in this video

Prior to that you can see the "Security of the Portland Living Room" hassles the group regarding their sign touching the sidewalk (ground).

Also be sure to see in the video the - One persons sign at 1:57 in the video, who is standing at this corner has an odd sign indeed... and I didn't notice until I was editing exactly what it said (?) ...in fact nobody even noticed it there at this demonstration.

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