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Steve Murphy Update - Support Needed!- 12.19.09

Steve needs support!
Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Friends,

As of today, Steve has been in custody for 2 months and 20 days. He is still at the Central Detention Center of the San Bernardino County Jail. Two motions have been submitted by Steve's attorney on his behalf and the government recently requested additional time to respond. The government's responses to the motions are due by December 21 and the defendants reply is due by January 4, 2010. The final hearing on the motions is set for January, 11. Steve's trial date was originally set for
January 12, 2010, but a recent motion to extend has been filed and approved for February 9th. Again, none of these dates are set in stone and, as they tend to do, they can and will change frequently.

Steve continues to maintain his innocence. His attorney has hired a private investigator and a DNA expert. If you have any information that might be helpful for Steve's case, please let us know so we can put you in touch with his attorney (email us at info[at]supportsteve[dot]org.

Phone calls are extremely expensive and these expenses are adding up quickly. In addition, Steve's girlfriend lives in Texas and traveling to visit Steve is a huge expense. All indications lead to the unfortunate probability that she will have to travel several more times before an outcome is reached - which even then is only the beginning. These phone calls and visits are incredibly important to Steve and help him keep his spirits up in a horribly dark time.

Please consider giving a donation at supportsteve.org to help Steve and his partner defray these costs - perhaps in honor of a loved one, a perfect gift. While people are celebrating the holiday season, Steve will be alone. Even if you can't give monetary support, please keep writing Steve and all political prisoners during this difficult time. Letters are a lifeline to folks who are so physically cut off from their communities and loved ones. You can write Steve at:


All incoming and outgoing mail is read by the authorities. Please remember that, even if unsolicited, mail can still result in sanctions against a prisoner. When writing Steve, please do not talk about his case or anything related to it. For a list of mail restrictions, visit:  http://supportsteve.org/info.htm

We'll keep you updated as things progress. Thank you all for your continued support.

Peace, love, and solidarity,
supportsteve team


homepage: homepage: http://www.supportsteve.org