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Police brutality in Copenhagen (video)

Unarmed Protesters Beaten By Police
embedded content: http://www.youtube.com/v/n6gCyklaYZ4&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0

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Corporate Brutality & Fascism 18.Dec.2009 14:38

Joe Anybody

Peaceful protesters that want to protect the environment, are BEAT with CLUBS by corporates cops

What surprises me is that everyone takes the hits from the clubs and nobody strikes back?

I wonder when the tide will change and peaceful protesters will refuse to sit and get hit over and over?

Brutal behavior by the authorities done for the world to see! This is a disgrace! I am outraged!

THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO 18.Dec.2009 15:50


That video was re-posted on youtube. It is originally from August 16, 2009. Same video is here:

(Two days ago you could view it without signing in, but now you need to sign in to view it.)

Here's what it was about:

Iraqis ousted from Danish church

video text translation 18.Dec.2009 16:28

Joe Anybody

translation from text on the recent YouTube post stating this was from August 2009

There was truncheons and pepper spray in the air when 300 demonstrators on the night of Thursday the 11th August 2009 attempted to prevent police from entering into Brorson church on Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

In a planned action to police arresting 17 Iraqi male asylum seekers who recently sought refuge in the church in a last attempt to get permission to stay in the country.

Shortly after the action starting at 01.05 approximately 100 demonstrators stood in front of the church and greeted the many officers welcomed with banners and chanting as pity you, 'child murderers' and fascist pig, but using the SMS chains increased the number of angry demonstrators quickly to approximately 300th

And the angry protesters worked hard to prevent the police to carry a total of 17 detainees Iraqi men to the police. Several protesters threw themselves in front of police vehicles, while others in protest against the arrest of Iraqis laid his head on the pavement in front of the tires of the bus, those detained asylum seekers was in.

The demonstrators had also tried to barricade a large part of Rantzausgade and Chapel Road with bins, pallets, containers and bicycles in an attempt to detain the bus with those detained Iraqis.

The unrest ended at 04.15 on Åboulevard, after which the demonstrators through megaphones urged each other to show up at Kapelvej 44th Here one could 'come and get a cup of coffee and a chat about the way forward because they do not give up yet,' was the message on the streets.