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Why We Will Not Get Health Insurance With A Public Option

If you want to get health insurance with a public option then read this and then Please help.
We did not get health insurance reform with a public option this year because we have republicans in the democratic party calling themselves moderate and conservative democrats. These phony democrats ( republicans who call themselves democrats ) want to block a public option and protect insurance company profits. These phony democrats are the blue dog democrats representives in the House and Senators Max Baucus, Kent Conrad and Blanche Lincoln to name a few. If you want to elect true liberal, progressive democrats in 2010 ( and not republicans calling themselves democrats ) we need to start now! I would suggest that we hold public meetings in Pioneer Park ( In Saturday afternoons ) of Walla Walla Washington. I would suggest the dates of December 26, 2009 ( January 2, 2010 ) and January 9 2010. I do not have the permits from the city to do this or the organizing skills to set this up. I hope somebody will take up this project for me.