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Should I give up my principles/rights to get a job?

Bad economy caused my employer to fold, looking for work, finding too many employers want pre-employment drug screening...I'm basically looking for dialogue as to what is right, and I'm trying to decide what I think is right.
This economy is part of why my former employer closed the business and I have found myself looking for work. It seems that many of the employers to which I would have been willing to sell my time now require pre-employment drug screening. Should I waive my rights and my principles and my belief in American freedom as my family suggests I do, or should I tell those potential employers that I no longer wish to shop at their stores because their hiring/screening process is intrusive and wrong. I don't know about the rest of the other job seekers, but I don't drink or take drugs before or during work, nor do I bring my phone to work with me, when I sell my time to an employer they get a hard worker with brains as well as integrity. I'm not saying I couldn't pass their test, I just feel that it is wrong.

Me too! 18.Dec.2009 05:49

PDX temp sex worker

Due to my chronic unemployment, I have also had to make all sorts of concessions in order to thwart hunger and homelessness, including take a drug test or two. The economy being what it is, it has been more and more difficult for some of us to maintain our belief systems.
I say, work from the inside first, if you can, if the job is worth it. If you can pass a drug test, do. You can voice your complaints about drug testing once you get hired. Refuse to accept a position that requires that you oversee or personally conduct drug tests on current or future employees. Tell management that is why you are refusing that position. If you are hired for a policy making position or managerial position, change the hiring practices of your establishment/organization/workplace. Make sure you have the information as to why you think drug testing is wrong down verbatim. They're your principals, you should have them memorized anyway. Talk to fellow workers. Talk to whoever you think will listen. Propagandize your position. Have a bottle of fake or clean urine ready (most head shops carry the fake stuff for around 20-40 bux) just in case you cannot pass a drug test. Actually, have two bottles of clean urine ready for random testing. They might retest you once hired if you go around the job place talking about your right to not take a drug test. It has been my experience that nobody, but nobody, cares about your views on mandatory drug testing once you publicly fail a drug test. Can't change much once they fire you. Instill the help of an outside advocate organization, if there is one. Sometimes giving your workplace a little outside pressure will do wonders.

My struggle with living by my principals in the workplace is not working in a place that serves meat. I used to be able to do it, but I cannot do it anymore. I have refused some decent service industry jobs because they serve meat or the position required that I handle meat in some way. So, I work phone sex now. Sometimes just as gross, trust me, but no meat handling required (well, not by me anyway :-). No animal exploitation or cruelty involved. No drug testing either, now that I think of it. Balancing living by my ideals vs. being ineffective at changing anything because I am too busy starving are issues I struggle with also. Maybe other folks have better answers, but at least we know that you and I are not alone on this question. Good luck.