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VIDEO: Undeclared Emergency - Homelessness & Rape in Portland

I filmed a 5 minute interview about the "PDX Undeclared Emergency" regarding women being safe on the streets when they are houseless. Lately there have been some rapes in the homeless community in and around NE Portland. The Right 2 Survive is concerned and is activly doing something about it.
Filmed at the recent Portland WTO D5 protest.


The Right 2 Survive campaign informed me on some recent bad news regarding homeless women being raped in the Portland area.

The activists have been organizing foot patrols and handing out whistles to women who are sleeping outside to use in the event that they are being abused or attacked. If you hear a whistle blowing go towards it and see / help / etc. There is much more info on their website about their actions.

The Right 2 Survive group is also actively seeking solutions to the urgently needed network for houseless women. With many shelters having a wait list or no safe space available, these activists are working to change that unacceptable situation that is growing in Portland. Recently as mentioned in the video there have been attacks on women who are alone outside. The group is promoting the idea of homeless camps accepting - assisting with providing a safe inclusive place to be at night, by allowing the women in need to camp with them for security reasons.

The Right 2 Survive group is asking for community solidarity in offering protection to folks (women) who are without any source of security to be free from rape and abuse while they just try to get through the night.

The Right 2 Survive activists are not only seeking protection and organizing whistle handouts and networking on the street level, they are also asking and demanding the city takes a responsible role as well. They are showing up in city offices and working for real changes. They need the greater PDX community's support and their solidarity.

Their website link is:  http://www.right2survive.blogspot.com/

The reference to Foot Patrols and the whistle handouts can be read here:

Solidarity = Love

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