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The Audacity of Imperial Hubris: Obama in Oslo

It may eventually be difficult for Obama to manage two wars with a peace prize hanging from his neck. But Obama won't be the one to determine that. He has left a significant opportunity to offer an alternative to the typical American imperial hubris at the podium in Oslo.
Princeton University Philosopher Cornel West brings such an infectious optimism to his social analysis that it is difficult to avoid discovering a sense of hopefulness in even the most mediocre of news. Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to an American president managing two active wars and commanding a military force spread throughout the globe seemed to offer little opportunity for a progressive spin. Yet, West quickly discovered a potentially positive edge. "It's gonna be hard," he offered during a lecture at a public library in Los Angeles, "to be a war president with a peace prize. Gonna be difficult. Very, very difficult." The award it seemed could be a "pre-emptive strike for peace."

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