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abuse of power under the hood.
The Chevy Suburban class SUVs. The FORD F150 class pickup trucks. These are the places to begin cracking down on the abuse of power under the hood.

Manufacturers have abused technological advances. Opting to increase vehicle size and power over increasing fuel efficiency.

Drivers abuse power under the hood by amongst other things: roaring and racing their maxi-sized vehicles through residential neighborhoods where the legal speed limit is 25mph.

The vehicles are not people-friendly. They are a threat and a menace to bicycists, pedestrians, and homeowners. Thats enough to take them off the roads. We can talk about permitting their use in limited quantities for contractors who can demonstrate real need.

Abuse Of Power Under The Hood 15.Dec.2009 05:50

EV Revolutionary

No one should have to worry about, or be concerned with, getting out of the way of big vehicles.

Making noise is no excuse.

The Prius is more people-friendly then the "Maxi-Vees". Smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic, more energy efficient, and thus quieter. Everywhere they go, the Maxi-vees roar, radiate negative vibes, and plow through the atmosphere generating blast waves.

Its also true that the Prius is simply a GasVee faux-hybrid from a major automaker. So yes, we shouldn't stop there.

Just as we honor diversity in people and culture, so should we honor a diverse mix of people-friendly vehicles. Yes bicycles. But not just bikes versus cars. Instead a diverse mix of people-friendly vehicles for people to choose from to help wean fannies from their automotive thrones.

LPEVs are the way to go. Light Pedal-Electric Vehicles. Inclusive of Velomobiles and affording 4-season functionality and practicality.

Regulate roads, and development 15.Dec.2009 09:21

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

The vehicles will follow. Quite simply, begin closing roads to motor vehicles. By making motor vehicles inconvenient, and pedestrian, rail, and bicycle more convenient, sales of motor vehicles will plummet. This has been shown to work, in many parts of Europe quite successfully.


A suggestion re big cars 17.Mar.2010 14:46

The Green Redneck

May I suggest that police be required to ignore theft and/or vandalism complaints on the largest vehicles. Let the auto theft unit concentrate on stolen Minis, Escorts, and Civics--but let 'em ignore reports of stolen Hummers, Subdivisions, and F-series.