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Medics targeted at Cop15 protest

Medics including two qualified paramedics, two Red Cross cadets and other trained first-aiders from the UK, Norway, Germany and other countries were stopped in a series of incidents in the Christianshavn area. They were searched three or four times each, photographed and held in cages at Valby temporary police station for 6 hours. Arresting units included numbers 702 and 724.

The detention (not full arrest) was under the Danish Police Act, which permits preventative detention of people thought to be 'a danger to public security' or 'likely to cause a public disturbance' (approximate translation). But police told people they had been detained specifically because they were medics, in order to stop them providing first aid at demos.

One group of seven was initially told they would be released after being searched, but the police unit commander then received orders from his superior to detain the group.

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