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NW still say's no to the WTO D5 Portland Protest

The North West still says No to the WTO protest with footage from the speakers who followed the march
Here is a link to youtube video footage of Dec. 5 WTO protest in Portland. Enjoy!


Loose Morals VIDEO 13.Dec.2009 20:19

Joe Anybody

And here is another video from D5 protest in Portland - a mash-up of Dr Atomic and "Loose Morals" skit


This is a 14.Dec.2009 11:26


great video!!! Good job and keep it up

Reverse English 15.Dec.2009 12:01


Am I the only person who totally didn't understand the point of this "Reverse English" routine? And why did he do it twice?

I missed it, but heard that they did a somewhat offensive take on Sir Mix-a-lot. Did anyone catch that?