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Klimakonferenz Kopenhagen - COP 15

A little research and we found some depressing happenings from the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark... Very inlightening video - I have a feeling this is only the beginning as the world leaders don't arive until Wednesday.

more info 13.Dec.2009 20:14

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Copenhagen Police continue acts of unprovoked violence on protestersPosted on 13th December 2009 PRESS RELEASE


Climate Justice Action
14:25, 13 December 2009

Contact international media: +45 50669028
Contact Danish media: +45 41294994

Around 200 demonstrators are currently being forcefully held in the street by Danish police near the American Embassy in Copenhagen.

The group had assembled as part of the "Hit the Production" demo. Without any provocation, the police charged violently at the crowd and began arrests, forcing people to sit on the ground in 2 degree temperatures while cuffed. The scenes seem to be an exact repetition of the human rights violations from yesterday.

Ed Thompson, a climate justice activist from the UK, who is at the scene, says: "I came here to show that the UN talks don't represent me, that big business and rich governments can't solve this crisis, and that it's going to take all of us to avoid climate catastrophe - and the police are responding with pepper spray, batons and indiscriminate arrests." (1)

50 climate activists have been arrested as of 1340, and there are reports of the use of batons and pepper spray on journalists as well as protesters. One journalist from Danish news outlet Ekstra Bladet has reportedly been arrested.

(1) Ed Thompson is available on +45 5268 6497

Climate Justice Action - media team

Contact international media: +45 50669028
Contact Danish media: +45 41294994
Contact German media: +45 50112038
Contact French media: +45 50112541
Contact Dutch media: +45 52895724