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Liberty Hall Closing. Mourn and celebrate our last month of events.

For the past 8 years Liberty Hall has served as a center of radical organizing and as a low cost community space for non-profits, community groups and private parties at 311 N Ivy St. in north Portland. For the last 3 1/2 years Liberty Hall has been run by a collective called the Workers Education Resource Center (WERC), anchored by The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC) and The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). We have also shared the space with Microcosm Publishing, The Universal Zulu Nation, The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, and others. Early next month WERC will lose our lease at Liberty Hall and will have to move out. The landlord will be doing a multi-month remodel of the building in which no tenants can be in the building, and the terms he laid out for a possible return to the building afterwords simply wont work for the renting organizations. We don't know if this means the end of Liberty Hall entirely, but it definitely will be the end of WERC operating under the Liberty Hall name.

Thousands of people have attended events at Liberty Hall over the years, everything from; trainings, educational events, film showings, benefit shows, bookfairs, art shows, theatrical performances, speaking engagements, weddings, baptisms, birthday parties and even memorials. If this is the end of Liberty Hall, we have one more month to enjoy it. Oh yes, we also have $2000 we have to raise to pay off the last month's rent and cover our moving expenses! So with that in mind we will be holding a series of events over the next month to raise those funds.

On Friday, December 18th. We will be hosting The Community Holiday Bizarre and Rummage Sale. From 4 PM-10 PM.

So far we have vendors selling medicine pouches, hand made jewelry, glass art, small paintings, books, food and more. We still have room for more vendors if people are interested. We ask for a 20% cut for Liberty Hall and that vendors carry out anything they don't sell. This will also function as an estate sale for the Hall. So if there is anything you've had your eye on like; 100 folding chairs, 8 foot long tables, kitchen wares, the stove, the fridge, etc. Make us an offer and it's yours. EVERYTHING MUST GO!

If you want to be a vendor or have other questions contact Patrick at 503 522-1589 or  hearusnow@gmail.com

Saturday, December 19th. The IWW will host their 3rd annual Working Class Bookfair. 11 AM-4 PM

Check out books form Laughing Horse Bookstore, Just Seeds, Black Rose Collective Bookstore, Eberhart Press, and more.
Workshops by the Portland Restaurant Workers Association, and the IWW. Don't miss the game of Working Class Jeopardy.

Monday, December 21st. The 10th or 11th Annual Winter Solstice Puppet Show. First show 7 PM, second show 10 PM.

For the 8th and possibly last time Liberty Hall will host a the show that has become a Portland institution. The last two years we have had roughly 300 people attending two showings. The show is different each year and always amazing. Past performances have incorporated hand held puppets, shadow puppets, musical numbers.

Last week: Dec 28th-Jan 3rd: Liberty Hall started out as a venue that frequently hosted punk shows, and over the years it's hosted legends like Kimya Dawson, The Haggard, This Bike is A Pipe Bomb, Resist, and many others. So for the last week it's time to bring back the noise. We definitely want to have at least one blow out show, we will definitely have one Saturday January 2nd, but the more we can do the better. We're working on securing bands right now, but if you DJ, are in a band or know of one who'd like to play, let us know and we'll try to arrange something. We could also use some volunteer power if people want to help with promotion, cleaning or anything else. All door money will go to us.

For any more information contact the Liberty Hall Events Collective at  libertyhallportland@gmail.com or 503-249-8888.

address: address: 311 N Ivy St (1 block South of Fremont, 2 blocks West of Vancouver)