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January 18th, 2010 - Anarchism & Fiction with Ursula K Le Guin and Margaret Killjoy

On January 18th, 7:30pm, I'll be doing a talk at Powell's books about the history and practice of anarchist fiction writing. I'll be joined by Portland's amazing Ursula K Le Guin, who will be doing readings from her own anarchist fiction novels.
Come learn about the lively history of anarchist fiction writers! Discover what teachers never bothered to tell you about the politics of Henry Miller, Anthony Burgess, and Aldous Huxley! Learn about Spanish revolutionaries who were accomplished storytellers! All sorts of things!

I'll be speaking at Powell's Books in Portland on January 18th, 7:30 pm, about all of these sorts of things, in regards to my book "Mythmakers & Lawbreakers: anarchist writers on fiction" that just came out from AK Press. And I'll be joined by none other than Ursula K Le Guin, perhaps the most renown anarchist storyteller of them all.

Want to speak at the Red and Black? 11.Dec.2009 09:05

Red and Black worker

It's probably a more appropriate place, though Powell's is probably throwing some dead presidents your way. Let them pay you and come do an event at the cafe! We would love to have Ursula as well but we'll understand if she doesn't want to do two speaking events. If you're into the idea, e-mail  redandblackbooking@riseup.net.