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Surveillance Society

Great cartoons from naturalnews.com

G20 cops film the protesters 09.Dec.2009 12:49

Film em Back

PIMC link to a recently released G20 YouTube video worth seeing

(police being filmed, as they film the protesters)


About that video 10.Dec.2009 02:30


It is interesting to look at the gear these cops have, especially the creepy one with the mask and sunglasses I noticed the maker of that video, or part of it panned in on what looks like like very lethal military automatic weapons.

Make No Mistake 10.Dec.2009 11:07

Den Mark, Vancouver

Make no mistake that Obama administration directed the response to G20 protests. Obama made disrespectful statements about protests & protesters before & during G20. He obviously can read scripts during speeches, but does not understand history in is totality. How ironic that a black man in the white house does not understand who built the road to get him there. I was in Pittsburgh & saw those weapons, & was beyond disgusted.

Thanks, Den Mark! 10.Dec.2009 17:50


You are right- the secret service was in charge of the G20 response. This video which interviews Pittsburgh natives backs up your point:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDJ-wZ1QmlI