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New PDX IMC Radio Call-In Show, "Sex Positive", Fridays 7-8pm

Tune in!
> Sex Positive, Fridays, 7-8pm
> Radical feminist perspectives on sex, relationships, and the politics that
> surround intimacy. We will explore and discuss issues of sexuality and
> relationships in a safe and open forum with real feminist-activists. Call
> in your questions/comments during show time at (503) 477-6887 or e-mail us
> at hissboombang (@) riseup.net

Looking for guest interviews for future shows, so if you have a passion for passion or are a bit of a "sexpert" on a subject, contact us ASAP!

This Friday will be our first show & radio training on the fly 10.Dec.2009 12:17


So please have patience as we will be figuring it all out as we go!

Personal disclaimer, I do not claim to be an expert or a doctor. Just an experienced 29 yr old womyn with a bit of knowledge and a thirst for more information and perspectives on my favorite topic of conversation.

Oh and no doubt this show will get explicit.

Also 10.Dec.2009 21:26


We'll have 4 regular hosts on the show (of varying ages)