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Seattle Inter-praxis

In the back of a truck on a rainy winter day we pull off I-5 into Seattle. High in the distance a banner hangs from a crane building condos. WTO this way, Democracy that. A guy holding incense flashes a victory sign greets cars as they go into downtown. We find our friends, the house we would be staying in for the week of the convention. This house near downtown became our trenches. We ate from cans of beans with pocket knives.
I was here to take pictures. I had been part of demonstrations in the months leading up to the WTO. I had captured images on film with an old Nikon-F that my father had given me. On our first night, we plastered a Starbucks with political posters. These protest posters were tokens of the revolution. This was before 9-11 so things felt hopeful. Environmental activists and Union activists coming together in unity, in solidarity.
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