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AFGHANISTAN: Obama's Vietnam?

Afghanistan: Obama's Vietnam?
Thursday, December 10th at 7pm
Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union Room 238

Organized by Portland International Socialist Organization.
As the U.S. war on Afghanistan begins its ninth year, Barack Obama—who won the votes of millions of people because he seemed to be the "peace candidate" in last year's election—is poised to further escalate the war. The contrast between rhetoric and reality could not have been starker. Within days of the announcement that he had won the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama was discussing a drastic increase in the number of troops in Afghanistan. In this meeting we will examine the roots of the U.S. invasion and occupation, and will make the case that the antiwar movement must question not only the methods, but also the motives behind the war in Afghanistan. Will Afghanistan be Obama's Vietnam? What will it take to rebuild the antiwar movement? Join the International Socialist Organization for this important discussion.
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