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Health Bill Ignores Industrial Health Harms

Health care bill, now in hands of the Senate, ignores every industrial threat and harm to health. It finds that people's behavior is the biggest threat. Could this be because all Senators are economically-linked to health-harming industries, AND their insurers and investors? Sworn and public-paid Congress members wouldn't go AWOL on their solemn oaths and duties to the people, would they?
If it were not for people, there would be no Health Crisis.

The legislation the Senate is discussing now is quite interesting and telling by what's there, or not.

See: democrats.senate.gov/reform/patient-protection-affordable-care-act.pdf

A convenient search tool at the site finds the number of times a word appears in the legislation:

Nutrition 29 times
Tobacco 25
Smoking 11
Obesity 9
Exercise 9
Behavior 8
Lifestyle 5
Alcohol 2


Pesticides 0
Insecticides 0
Herbicides 0
Dioxins 0
Mercury 0
Chemicals 0
Carcinogen(s) 0
Chlorine 0
Radiation 0
Depleted Uranium 0
Salmonella 0
Pollutant(s) 0
Pollution 0
Vehicle exhaust 0
Smog 0
E-coli 0
Asbestos 0
Toxins 0
Toxic 0
Hazardous waste 0
And... Marijuana 0
Condoms 0
Vegetarian 0
Organic(s) 0

There seems to be a theme here, perhaps aimed at reassuring us that private industries, especially investment properties of for-profit insurers, are no threat to health. That is off the radar. Nothing to worry about or act on there.
We (the) people are the problem.