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Portland Families In NE

lets get together and build a community. its takes a village! for a long time i have been wanting to build a community of families that do child care exchange. potlucks, carpooling,free schooling/un-schooling support groups, community gardening, grocery exchange and more. i know it is so important to have support and love from a community of friends when raising a child. it is not an easy task and not one that anyone should do alone. i feel it is about time that we come together and start supporting one another. childcare is outrageous the school systems are failing us and lets face it we all need someone to give us a hug here and there. if anyone out there is interested in getting together for playgroups, trading childcare, staring a homeschooling collective then lets get together! for now
here is a list of events and happenings that happen and resources for families in the inner NE/N/E ( becasue that is where i live and if i included all of Portland it would be an endless list) and close biking/busing distance from there. FEEL FREE TO ADD THINGS as long as they are ongoing for that day and have fun!
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