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lets get together and build a community. its takes a village!
for a long time i have been wanting to build a community of families that do child care exchange. potlucks, carpooling,free schooling/un-schooling support groups, community gardening, grocery exchange and more. i know it is so important to have support and love from a community of friends when raising a child. it is not an easy task and not one that anyone should do alone. i feel it is about time that we come together and start supporting one another. childcare is outrageous the school systems are failing us and lets face it we all need someone to give us a hug here and there. if anyone out there is interested in getting together for playgroups, trading childcare, staring a homeschooling collective then lets get together! for now
here is a list of events and happenings that happen and resources for families in the inner NE/N/E ( becasue that is where i live and if i included all of Portland it would be an endless list) and close biking/busing distance from there. FEEL FREE TO ADD THINGS as long as they are ongoing for that day and have fun!

Peninsula Park: 9:30-11 indoor play park $1.00
center for growing families ( alberta): 10:30-12 mothergarden FREE
Matt Dishman CC: 11-1 preschool swim $4
Airplay cafe: 12-1 eat to the beat with taya FREE
Kennedy school:family friendly movies @ 2:30, 5:30, and 7:30 $3 per adult

Matt Dishman CC: 9-11 am indoor play park $1.00
Airplay Cafe: 10-11 sing along with gabriel 1 $2.00
New Seasons: 10-11 new parents and breastfeeding group FREE
In other words bookstore: 10:30-11 playgroup FREE
Matt Dishman CC: 11-1 preschool swim $4.00
Airplay Cafe: 12-1 eat to the beat with mary rose FREE
Kennedy school: 1pm mommy matinee and 2:30, 5:30 and 7:30 $3 per adult
Mama zen: 4-5pm pennys puppets $5.00
killingsworth library: 7pm family storytime FREE

Airplay Cafe: 10-11 eat to the beat with Mr. Ben FREE
Matt Dishman CC: 11-1 preschool swim $4.00
Albina library: 11:30 toddler story time FREE
Airplay cafe: 12-1 eat to the beat with taya FREE
Peninsula Park: 12:30- 2:30 gym zone play $1.00
Kennedy school:family friendly movies @ 2:30, 5:30, and 7:30 $3 per adult

Albina library: 9:30 tiny tots story time FREE
Matt Dishman CC: 9-11 indoor play park $1.00
Peninsula park: 9:30-11 indoor play park $1.00
Airlplay Cafe: 10:00 music FUNdamentals with phil $2.00
Killingsworth Library: 10:30 preschool storytime FREE
Matt Dishman CC: 11-1 preschool swin $4.00
Airplay CAfe: 12-1 eat to the beat with eric FREE
Airplay cafe: 5:30-7 family concert FREE
Kennedy school:family friendly movies @ 2:30, 5:30, and 7:30 $3 per adult

Matt Dishman CC: 9-11 indoor play park $1.00
Matt Dishman CC: 9am-7pm preschool/ family swim $4.00
Albina library: 9:30 storytime for babies FREE
Peninsula park: 9:30-11 indoor play park $1.00
Airplay cafe: 10-11 sing along with joe FREE
Peninsula park: 10:30-11:30 art park $1.50
Albina library: 11:00 family story time FREE
Airplay cafe: 12-1 eat to the beat with rad academy FREE
Kennedy school:family friendly movies @ 2:30, 5:30, and 7:30 $3 per adult

Airplay cafe: 10-11 sing along with Joe FREE
Airplay cafe: 12-1 little people sing along with Gabe FREE
Matt Dishman CC: 12-5 family swim $4.00
Mississippi pizza: 1pm kids spelling bee FREE
Kennedy school:family friendly movies @ 2:30, 5:30, and 7:30 $3 per adult

Star E Rose cafe: 9-11 sing along kids music FREE
Matt Dishman CC: 10:30-4 family swim $4.00 FREE until 2
Kennedy school:family friendly movies @ 2:30, 5:30, and 7:30 $3 per adult

places to look for other rad events!:
a really rad family friendly cafe with daily events for kids

they have family friendly cheap movies, events, art, a wading pool and bars!

good pizza and a few times a month they have a kids jamboree its really fun! they also do kids spelling bees

find a park near you and go play!

family friendly yoga, kids classes and childcare!

they have weekly events for playgroups, diaper free baby, breastfeeding, french story time and more! they are also a great baby store.

** http://www.facebook.com/pages/Portland-OR/Mississippi-Treehouse/143929795128
mississippi treehouse will be opening at the end of november. its going to be a rad kids space and im excited to add things to the calendar. become a fan!**

nurture, a place for growing families is a center on alberta street that helps mothers and babies connect. they have free workshops and classes.

in other words book store is an amazing resource. it is volunteer run and has a lot of really rad continuing classes: yoga, homoarobics , playgroups and stitch n bitch.

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WerkShop Schedule

November CraftWerk Social: Pine Cone Bird Feeder 11|18 10:30-12pm

Feed the birds through the cold season with this simple and fun craft. All natural materials. One cone per child provided--bring cones from home to make more! Peanut butter, seed, and cones. All ages welcome....

4th Annual Sugar Skull Event! 10|31 2-4pm

4th Annual Mexican Sugar Skull Celebration! Saturday, October 31st 2-4 pm A wonderful addition to your Halloween traditions, join us in decorating Mexican Sugar Skulls! Sugar Skulls are a traditional Mexican folk art used in...

October CraftWerk Social: Fall Trick-or-Treat Bags 10|21 10:30-12pm

This month, we'll be making sweet little decorated treat bags! Perfect handled bag for little trick-or-treaters, or for any Autumn stroll around the neighborhood for htat matter, as it makes a great treasure bag too!...

September CraftWerk Social: Fancy Crowns 9|16 10:30-12pm

This month, we'll be making sweet little decorated Fancy Crowns! Simple materials, simple construction, completely up to the imagination. Parent led CraftWerk Social event. Bring any found materials from home to share! All ages welcome....

August CraftWerk Social: Bouncy Balls 8|19 10:30-12pm

This month, we'll be making fun little Bouncy Balls! Simple materials in a kit, all materials provided, easy construction. Parent led CraftWerk Social event. All ages welcome. Always free. Materials provided. Both store locations. Drop-in...

Fairy Gardens! 7|30

Thursday, July 30th 3-4:00pm Craft your very own fairy garden! Using gathered moss, branches, stones and a little magic our lovely fairy gardens are the perfect place for wee folk to gather on a warm...

New! Milk Carton Bird Feeder WerkShop 7|23

Saturday, July 23rd 10-11am A simple class for parents and children ages 2 and up. Using recycled milk cartons and a little creativity, these quaint birdfeeders are sure to please all your winged backyard friends....

Go Fishing Play Set! 7|15

Wednesday, July 15th 10-11:00am Modeled after one of our best selling toys, this little fishing set is sure to provide hours of quality play. Cleverly crafted out of wool felt, magnets, and a bamboo rod,...

Silk Flags 6|26|09

Friday, June 26th10-11:00am Create your very own silk streaming flag. These hand painted silk flags are perfect for dancing, running, or attaching to a bike! Please bring a stick for your flag and an old...

Handmade Hula Hoops! 6|24|09

Wednesday, June 24th 3-4pm Shake it up this summer with a handmade Hula Hoop! Make your own hula hoop with Portland's own Mayor of Hooperville! Erika is a professional hula hooper and has her own...

Walnut Sail Boats 6|8|09

Monday, June 8th3-4:00pm Engaging our children in the natural world is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. What better way to do it than to show them how to make their own...

Felt Streamer Ball 5|30|09

Saturday, May 30th10:30-12:00 Creating your own playthings is not only satisfactory but also an amazing skill to be able to call on when needed. Students will craft felt streamer balls using wool felt, fleece, and...

WerkShop ToGo - Sidewalk Chalk 5|27|09

Wednesday, May 27th10-10:30 Learn to make sidewalk chalk at home with our WerkShop to go! This class is for toddlers and an adult friend to come and see how a craft is made. The class...

Beeswax Flower Fairies and Elves 5|20|09

Wednesday, May 20th3:30-4:30pm Using the high quality modeling wax we'll fashion fairies and elves in the spirit of the blossoming season! Students will learn patience and to trust their fingers in bringing this whimsical form...

Spring Garden Starts 5|13|09

Wednesday, May 13th3:30-4:30 Time to get those summer gardens started! We will learn the basics of planting and caring for our little seed babies snuggled deep in their blanket of earth. Each child will make...

Felted Soap Bars for Mom - A Mother's Day Surprise! 5|3|09 (new date)

Sunday, May 3rd10:00-11:30am Using locally made soap and colorful, natural sheep's wool, our little crafters will create a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece just for Mom. Both beautiful and practical, this fun and simple craft will make...

Whittled Gnomes 4|21|09

Tuesday, April 21th3:30-5:00pm Using basic carving methods we will uncover these funny little creatures from sticks and branches. After we discover their form in the raw wood, character can be added using watercolor, bits of...

Watercolor Painting - A Parent & Child Class 4|14|09

Tuesday, April 14th10:00-11:00am This is a parent-child class in which we will explore the basic techniques of wet-on-wet watercolor painting with your young child. Using simple colors, songs, and verses we will move through the...

CraftWerk Social - Textures & Colors of Spring 4|7|09

Tuesday, April 7th10:00-11:00am Spring offers so much in the way of texture and color. Buds on the trees, grasses growing, soil readied for planting. These are all part of our natural experience this time of...

Felted Easter Eggs 3|27|09

Friday, March 27th3:30-5pm This fun and easy craft is perfect for the younger set. Using colorful wool fleece, warm water and soap, we will create the sweetest little eggs just in time for spring! Best...

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