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People Damage Portland's Community with Fear, Rumor and Need for Power

a reminder to check reality. reality can be boring, and media and political activists should remember that, and consider how to support their community.
There are people, whether political activists or media makers/investigators, who can and have damaged their community, in Oregon and abroad. 1) they have power 2) they may not know how to use that 3) they are angry about personal matters or life obstacles.

Without labeling. People that create false stories about people in their community, out of frustration. Or people that create more personal paranoia through magnified anxiety. The point is, to re-direct that energy or at least let it lie useless and unnoticed, until something or someone that happens in Reality, shows itself as Important. Because, much of what a lot of people in this country do, on a daily basis--is not really that important. . Sadly, if you were being monitored, wouldn't you still want to do what you believe in? So, this is a mourning call for those unimportant, disliked or those who have offended, becoming a waste of your energy and a distraction for others you talk to about it. Because others can and should use their own sense and intuition to communicate and relate with other people, and because it is a beautiful thing that us humans have that energy to create, and directly build our worlds with eachother, right now and right here, beyond rumor, story and fear. That happens every day that you or I just communicate with the person directly in this boring, confusing world ...small things become far more exciting and we make them relevant and creative.
Again, this is consider and For (some) media makers and political activists, really for all humans who can speak and share. Because, wishing to Change things in a Big or Revolutionary Way, or sustain one's own level of attention or stress (attention, or misuse of power) is a temptation that causes rumors and damage.

That is all. Imperfectly said, but consider it.