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Portland Woman To Live On Wild Food Foraged In Portland For Thanksgiving Week

From Friday Nov. 20 through Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 26, urban forager Rebecca Lerner will attempt to survive exclusively on wild food she gathers from sidewalks, parks, wilderness areas and yards in the city of Portland, OR. There will be no Dumpster diving, mooching from gardens or picking from cultivated fruit trees. In an effort to highlight wild food, Lerner's unusual menu will include thistle, sumac, dandelion and other weeds; fat she gathered from a roadkill deer; the root vegetable wapato; acorns, chestnuts, hazelnuts and black walnuts harvested from city trees; mushrooms; stinging nettles; hawthorn berries; yellow dock seeds; cleavers, and more.

"Foraging is a fun and free way to get healthy local food," Lerner said. "It's also a survival skill that can come in handy in an emergency, and a way to get in touch with our roots as hunter-gatherers."
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