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Video: Noam Chomsky - When Elites Fail

Keynote presentation for the Northwest Econvergence held in Portland Oregon in October 2009.
Entitled "When Elites Fail," Chomsky talked for about one hour and 13 minutes. Due to the length of the talk, I broke it up into two parts.

He begins by asking the question, what should we do when elites fail? His simple answer, "get rid of them", was greeted by thunderous applause. Chomsky spends the rest of his talk describing various historical aspects of our circumstances, connecting the dots and providing avenues of possible redress. As usual, Chomsky delivers a wealth of information and connects it up to current events. He speaks about the economic crisis, health care reform and many other topics which affect the citizens of this country and the world. Most interesting to me was his take on the politics surrounding the Vietnam war, somewhere in the second half of this talk.

Noam Chomsky: When Elites Fail, Part One

Noam Chomsky: When Elites Fail, Part Two

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