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VIDEO: Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 11.4.09

Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting is open to the public on the first Wednesday of the month. Here is the video from this months meeting.
Portland Human Rights Commission 11.4.09
Portland Human Rights Commission 11.4.09

This video is 1hr and 50min

The monthly Human Rights Commission meeting in Portland Oregon is documented in this video filmed on 11.4.09.

The first Wednesday of the month the Human Right Commission meet in an "open to the public" meeting and I went to it on 11.4.09 and now have the recent meeting uploaded on-line on Archive.org:

I also spoke a couple minutes during the "public comment" time slot ...bringing to the record my concern regarding the city homeless problem and the new laws that are "in the making" regarding city policies with camping outside and then my concern of the Human Rights aspect of "being homeless" and having your rights violated. I wanted to express to the commission that it was a Human Right issues and for them to be aware of it as we all move forward.


More of this years Portland meetings that I filmed can be seen here:

The City Human Rights Commission Website is here:

Agenda in this months meeting that I have from their flier is here:

"Strategic Plan"
-- Review Plan
-- Actions to consider /strategic plan

"Committee Updates in Brief"
-- Executive report
-- Community & Police Relations
-- Dialogs on truth & reconciliation

"HRC Leadership Transition"
-- Appreciation for Jeff Cogen
-- HRC Election of Chair & Vice Chair

"Public Comment"


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