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Holocaust 'Humor' at Reed College

The Reed student newspaper thought it was 'funny' to publish an article about gassing all the Jews on campus. Given the context of recent swastika graffiti at Lewis and Clark College, and the attempts of some students to downgrade the importance of Holocaust Denial, and although some college staff and students have apologized, anti-racists should continue to monitor the situation.
 link to www.oregonlive.com

Here are some extracts from the offending article:

"In what is being called a “tragic, but all too predictable” event, the staff of The Leaphlette, a student humor publication at Lewis and Clark College, have been accused of rounding up and gassing all of the Jews on their Portland, OR campus."

"Some students have claimed that the incident highlights the need for a multicultural resource center or a women’s studies department or something at Lewis and Clark."

"“In the coming admissions season, when an applicant is faced with a choice between Lewis and Clark and some faggoty college like Reed, I can’t help but think that this incident will play into their decision.”"

As if anti-semitism isn't enough, the editors of the newspaper apparently think it is 'OK' to attack women's studies and use homophobic language.

sometimes 19.Nov.2009 09:48

my humble opinion

if you don't like someone's humor,
you can cover your ears.