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PAIN: "Grow More Weed"

Pain is the unpleasant and aversive feeling common to such experiences as a stubbed toe, a headache, a burnt finger, and salt in a wound.

P.A.I.N. is also the Propaganda And Information Network (as P.A.I.N is officially named) was first put together from the ashes of two seminal free festival bands:AOS3 and Radical Dance Faction. Brought together to carry on the same Anarcho-style rantings, but with a much harder, Punk Rock attitude to it (less toking and more drinking!) within the first 7 days of forming P.A.I.N managed to book up a 3week tour, literally writing the set in soundchecks.


And watch P.A.I.N. Grow More Weed (with Howard Marks)

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