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Video:No Kill Animal Shelters

On the Public Access "A Growing Concern," documentary film producer Courtney Scott discusses the no kill direction for public animal shelters. Courtney is currently working on a full length documentary entitled, The War On Animals

Video: No Kill Animal Shelters

While the no kill concept is not widely accepted or practiced at the moment, there are inroads being made at public shelters across the country. The nation's largest shelter system and city, New York, has made a commitment to be no kill by 2015 and has already reduced killing of healthy, treatable animals from 74 to 39%.

Multnomah County has just recently undergone a review via a task force. This is an opportune time to bring this subject to the table at both the county and city level.

Please contact your Mayor, City and County Commissioners to voice your support for no kill animal shelters in this area.

No Kill Animal Shelters

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I am very 15.Nov.2009 16:58


interested in this topic. But I don't understand how it can work without some sort of mandatory spay/neuter of pets. The people in my neighborhood refuse to spay/neuter. I have offered to do it myself to no avail. Many, many people think that animals are property and they don't want to either pay for or just philosophically alter companion animals. Warehousing animals in shelters is not compassionate.

What's the solution, without laws that make spay/neuter of dogs and cats mandatory - with the teeth to back it up (which is not likely)?

Question tradition 15.Nov.2009 18:55


I'm glad to see discussion on this issue. We can't come up with a solution until we do analyze and debate it. Doing things the same old ways has not solved the problem. Here is a link to an article that challenges the mandatory laws regulating licensing and spay and neutering. I highly recommend that you also go to the nokilladvocacycenter.org to read about shelters who have been willing to face the challenges and go no kill. Yes, there will always be those who will refuse to be responsible for their companion animals, and have little or no regard for all animals. But at least we could make a dent in these high kill rates if those people who do care will take the steps to make it so.