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Portland Mad As Hell Doctors Report Back

Please join us for a night of advocacy, action, and entertainment as the doctors explain what has happened in the healthcare reform debate, what the problems are, and how Single Payer is the best system to fix it.
The have been across America to Washington DC. Now they have come home to Oregon.

26 Cities...
40 + Venues...
Thousands of voices...
One message:
Single Payer or Bust!

Sunday Nov. 15, 2009

First Unitarian Church
1034 SW 13th Ave Portland, Oregon

Suggested Donation: $5

Mad As Hell Doctors

MAHD on Facebook

homepage: homepage: http://www.madashelldoctors.com

correction 14.Nov.2009 22:23


The 1st U Church address is 1011 SW 12th Avenue.

healthcare is a human right (yeti too) 15.Nov.2009 04:05

Ecotopian Yeti

I agree with this, but ultimately a socialized healthcare system where hospitals and care centers are owned and managed by the people (a democratically elected government as opposed to a corporate controlled government like the US) would be the ideal system. Where there is no limits to how many people can be medical students (only limit being ability to pass the high standard requirements like exams) and where graduated medical providers and medical assistance would not be "tuitioned to death" or thrown into debt, but where they must provide at least 3 years of service to the community after receiving their medical degree (like what Cuba does).

If you really want your human rights protected and upheld then support the idea of a free and independent Cascadia!


You know what??? 15.Nov.2009 10:32


I wish our society was empowered to say to hospitals and health insurers the following:

You know what?

We don't need your idea of healthcare shoved down our throats.
We can cure ourselves.
Cancel our subscription to bloated insurance policies that mean squat!

If our people would learn how to be more healthy, maybe this could at least lessen our dependency on this lousy system of non-care, yes?

Now, THAT would be one hell of a health revolution!

...and then, one by one, the various Industrial Complexes would fall, like dominoes.
Simple as that? Probably not without some effort......